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SPR Unknown Case Contest

Welcome to the unknown case contest page!  We display the current unknown case for approximately two weeks, and accept answers during that time period. Please submit only one answer per case.  At the end of the year, the individual with the most correct answers will be honored with a prize (trainees will be judged separately from attendings).  If you would like to submit an unknown case for consideration to be displayed in the future, please go to this online form and follow the instructions.  All SPR members receive an email when the new case is released.  Not an SPR member but interested in participating in the contest?  Join the list here.

Unknown Case Team: Paul Clark, DO, Assistant Editor - Unknown Cases | Ed Richer, MD, Assistant Editor - Unknown Cases | Kiery Braithwaite, MD, Web Editor

Correct Respondents from the Previous Case:

Fellow/Resident Category
Robert Smalley
Antariksh Vijan
Siddhi Chawla
Hiroaki Takahashi
Sriram Jaganathan
Shruti Kumar
Takahiro Hosokawa

Attending Category
Daniel Gorsage
Derek Roebuck
Alexis Maddocks
Anees JWAD
Nagwa Wilson
Chihiro Tani
Enzo Genchi
Gaurav Saigal
Toshihiro Furuta
Naganathan Mani
Pinar Karakas
Elizondo Garza Ovidio
Srini Ganapathy
Joan Zawin
Dio Brando
Asha Sarma

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2021-2022 Competition Winners:

  • Trainees: Dr. Kara Alexander, Dr. Siddhi Chawla, & Dr. Sota Masuoka
  • Attendings: Dr. Subramanian Subramanian & Dr. Joan Zawin

Previous Cases: Click here to view the list in full screen