SPR Provides An Update from the ABR


The statement below contains an error regarding the eligibility of current fellows to take the Subspecialty Examination (SSE) this year. Candidates must be Board-certified before taking the SSE in Pediatric Radiology. Most current fellows will take the Certifying Exam this year and the SSE the next time it is offered. Current fellows who are already Board-certified may apply for the SSE this year.

 Please refer to the ABR website for all eligibility requirements.

CORRECTED - An Update from the SPR Board of Directors

Over the years, the persistent shortage of pediatric radiologists has been discussed at various levels and remains a key topic during the Society’s Members’ Forum. In addition to identifying barriers and determining how the Society can be of influence, the SPR Board of Directors appointed a Pediatric Radiology Alternate Training Working Group, led by Dr. Amy Mehollin-Ray, Chair, and Dr. Janice McDaniel, Vice-Chair. The Working Group consisted of sixteen members (entire list here), representing varying practice types, years of experience, and geographic locations.

As a result of their work and after SPR Board deliberations, several recommendations were made to the ABR. These included:

  1. Extending the Temporary Alternate Pathway.
  2. Eliminating the practice year requirement prior to being eligible to take the Subspecialty Exam (SSE).
  3. Instituting a 16-month pathway similar to the current model for Nuclear Radiology.

Recently, the ABR posted on its website new eligibility guidelines for taking the SSE that eliminate the practice year. This means that current fellows who are already Board-certified are eligible to take the examination this fall and will not have to wait till 2025. Secondly, new Alternate Pathway guidelines were posted that effectively extend the Temporary Pathway. The ABR did not approve the 16-month pathway at this time. The SPR Board will reconvene to discuss drafting a formal proposal on how the 16-month pathway could be modeled after the current Nuclear Radiology model. The proposal will be submitted to the ABR for consideration.

Please note that the actions taken by the ABR were in response to a request by the SPR Board of Directors. Thank you to the ABR for their collaborative leadership and to the SPR Working Group for their guidance, time, and dedication.