SCORCH Membership

SCORCH membership criteria are as follows:

  1. The institution is the member, with the chief, chair, or equivalent serving as the institution's representative.  An institution can only have one representative.
  2. The representative must be an SPR member.
  3. The department/division/section has a minimum of 3 FTE positions intended for radiologists practicing pediatric radiology (include oneself in count) - Note: If the practice has 3 FTEs slotted but, due to attrition, has 2 pediatric radiologists and intends to seek to fill the position, the practice remains eligible. 
  4. Must have an organizational structure where one member has a leadership role.
  5. Must have decision-making input regarding hiring/retention/budgetary/financial responsibilities.

Note: The last point is somewhat flexible, as many members do not control all aspects of the listed items.

If you are interested in your institution joining SCORCH or have further membership questions, 
please contact the SCORCH office at